Voters know what they want community to be

Wow! Gee! Contrary to the opinion of Mayor Lowenthal, council members Dolly Sandoval, Orrin Mahoney, The Cupertino Courier and the Troll (I know, I know) Bros., the Cupertino voter does have much higher intelligence as well concern for our schools, transportation, and quality of OUR life than our above noted local leaders and self anointed others gave us credit for.

Voters have spoken, is the city listening?

The policies of the current national administration were rejected in many close votes around the country that shifted control of Congress. The policies of the Cupertino administration were overwhelmingly rejected in the no votes on Measures D and E.

Conciliatory moves have already been made by the national administration along with changes in personnel. The question now before the Cupertino administration is what changes will be forthcoming in view of the votes on Measures D and E?

Will our city officials continue to push the agendas of developers and social engineering groups who do not reside in our city or will they become what they are supposed to be, namely, representatives of the will of our citizens?

Condos are not conducive to expanded shopping choices

The city council's farce of an investigation of the "Oops, we built it too big" Vallco parking garage Oct. 18, was an exercise in futility, since the outcome was obviously preordained. As we stood on the top floor of the overbuilt garage, looking into the yards of our neighbors' homes, we realized the council just doesn't care about us, and building codes are for homeowners, not developers. How else could a building of this magnitude slip by unnoticed? When constituents are deserted by their elected officials, their only recourse is the ballot box. It is the only way to make sure lies and greed don't completely overrun our neighborhoods and schools.

D & E will overcrowd schools that are already overburdened

The Courier makes a classic error in its endorsement (Courier Oct. 25) of Measures D & E. The paper has fallen for the developer's lie that condominiums attract mainly singles and childless couples.

This may be true in communities without highly desirable school systems, but in Cupertino it's demonstrably false. People would live in Quonset huts to get their children into Cupertino's schools, while singles and young couples won't pay a premium to live in a quiet suburban community with no nightlife.

Don't be 'D'ceived by measure, only the developer will win

"Vallco" (that is, Vallco developers, owners and management), among others, would like us to believe that voting yes on Measure D is "supporting Vallco (the retail center)." It is the opinion of many well-informed residents that the passage of Measure D will support the developers/owners along, NOT the actual revitalization project that so many Cupertino citizens are hoping will meet with success. Unfortunately, voters are being misled from many different angles.

Measure D & E Will Overwhelm Our Schools

If anyone believes that 437 condominiums will generate 39 students, as developers claim, then I have a bridge to sell them (Editorial, Oct. 23). No one without schoolchildren pays top dollar for Cupertino housing.

Riddles, rezoning and referendums

My kids enjoy making up riddles. I've tried my hand at it, too.

Question: What did one portable classroom say to another portable classroom?

Answer: See you on the playground.

Not so funny, I know. It's even less funny when you consider the 50-plus portables now taking up playground space at schools throughout Cupertino.

One portable was built where a student garden was supposed to be. Another obstructs the view of noon aides, who try to keep an eye on children during recess.

Measure D profits Vallco owners only

When I read Mayor Richard Lowenthal's letter (Courier, Oct. 10), I deeply feel that the mayor does not tell the whole story of Measure D.

At the end of 2004, city council approved rezoning allowing Vallco owners to build 204 condos for the purpose of revitalization. Less than two years later, when the condos are not yet under construction, Vallco owners come back and ask for another 137 condos.

Vallco is For Shopping Not Condos

Orrin Mahoney's rebuttal to my letter to the editor is deceptive at best. 'No on D' is about preserving tax-generating land in the back parking lot of Macy's that is currently zoned for retail. If that land is rezoned and 137 condos are allowed to be built there, those condos will not be paying education tax. Those taxes will go into the redevelopment agency.

Toll Brothers flier doesn't tell the complete truth

I recently read the flier sent by Toll Brothers about Measure E. It states that the Measure E will provide a park, senior housing and affordable living for Apple employees, it will not add new students to Monta Vista High, etc. In my opinion, the developer did not tell the whole truth.

A park is required for this location for any development. The proposed park is too small for a soccer field. It has no parking. If the developer cares about Cupertino, should they donate a bigger park?

The 80 units (out of total 380) of senior housing are built on a flood area facing freeway. It is also far away from bus stops. If the developer really cares about senior citizens, should they give a better location?

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