Voters have spoken, is the city listening?

The policies of the current national administration were rejected in many close votes around the country that shifted control of Congress. The policies of the Cupertino administration were overwhelmingly rejected in the no votes on Measures D and E.

Conciliatory moves have already been made by the national administration along with changes in personnel. The question now before the Cupertino administration is what changes will be forthcoming in view of the votes on Measures D and E?

Will our city officials continue to push the agendas of developers and social engineering groups who do not reside in our city or will they become what they are supposed to be, namely, representatives of the will of our citizens?

The will of an overwhelming majority of our citizens is now abundantly clear. Cupertino citizens want growth in our city, but growth in its quality rather than unrestrained growth in its quantity.

The citizens have spoken and it is now up to city officials to change the dynamics of their interaction going forward. Reversing positions in favor of developers and misleading our citizens is no longer acceptable.

Without significant change in the attitudes and tactics of our city officials, they will face more measures in the future from a motivated, organized and intelligent citizenry.

Robert L Garten
Cupertino Courier Letters
Wednesday, November 22, 2006