Condos are not conducive to expanded shopping choices

The city council's farce of an investigation of the "Oops, we built it too big" Vallco parking garage Oct. 18, was an exercise in futility, since the outcome was obviously preordained. As we stood on the top floor of the overbuilt garage, looking into the yards of our neighbors' homes, we realized the council just doesn't care about us, and building codes are for homeowners, not developers. How else could a building of this magnitude slip by unnoticed? When constituents are deserted by their elected officials, their only recourse is the ballot box. It is the only way to make sure lies and greed don't completely overrun our neighborhoods and schools.

It's happening to our neighborhood now. Your turn is next. Expect school overcrowding and redistricting. It's inevitable. Just look at the growing portables and shrinking play areas.

Measure D is about the extra 137 condos Vallco wants to put in Macy's back parking lot between the freeway and the oversized parking garage. They are not mixed-use.

Vallco wants to rezone retail property for condos not required to pay tax to Cupertino schools. We would pay for the kids living there to attend our schools. Vallco already got 204 mixed-use condos approved across the street. If this parking lot is also rezoned, where will Vallco expand?

Don't be fooled by lies and greed.

Condos bring millions of dollars to developers, land rezoned from retail to housing brings no sales tax to the city. No matter what the mayor says, condos in Macy's back parking lot will never be Santana Row; they will be multistoried buildings in front of an overbuilt parking garage.

Take a look for yourself.

Vallco's name should be Lola, since, as the song goes, "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets." With this council, whatever Vallco wants, Vallco gets.

Listen to your friends and neighbors. Vote No on D and No on E. We've had enough of elected officials who ignore us, and greedy developers who take the money run, and leave us with the mess they create.

You can't shop in a condo.

Ruby Elbogen
Cupertino Courier Letters
Wednesday, November 1, 2006