D & E will overcrowd schools that are already overburdened

The Courier makes a classic error in its endorsement (Courier Oct. 25) of Measures D & E. The paper has fallen for the developer's lie that condominiums attract mainly singles and childless couples.

This may be true in communities without highly desirable school systems, but in Cupertino it's demonstrably false. People would live in Quonset huts to get their children into Cupertino's schools, while singles and young couples won't pay a premium to live in a quiet suburban community with no nightlife.

Based on data from existing condominium developments, the 437 condos that Measures D and E allow will generate 400 to 600 additional students for Cupertino schools. Schools will be forced to add more portables, send students to non-neighborhood schools and redraw school boundaries. It's happened in the past and will happen again. Learn from history, not from the developers' campaign mailers.

The schools have not even yet felt the impact of the hundreds of new condos that are being sold at Metropolitan and City Center, and school principals are already warning parents about additional overcrowding and more portables from these two developments. Just think about it over 1,000 more students for our schools, with no new classroom buildings or other school expansion. We already have elementary school classes with 35 students, and that's just the beginning.

We must stop the uncontrolled suburban sprawl that threatens our schools. The Sierra Club states: "New development puts more children in suburban schools, but does not pay for the new schools that inevitably must be built." This is the key issue in this election. The developers are not providing any money to build new schools or new classrooms. Our already severely overcrowded schools will simply add more portables until every square foot of blacktop and playing field is covered. If you doubt this fact, check out the sea of portables at schools like Kennedy and Miller. Pay close attention to the portable bathrooms and portable trees.

Don't fall for lies of the developers and the politicians that they own. They care nothing about Cupertino. Save our schools. Vote No on D & E.

Steven Scharf
Cupertino Courier Letters
Wednesday, November 1, 2006