Don't be 'D'ceived by measure, only the developer will win

"Vallco" (that is, Vallco developers, owners and management), among others, would like us to believe that voting yes on Measure D is "supporting Vallco (the retail center)." It is the opinion of many well-informed residents that the passage of Measure D will support the developers/owners along, NOT the actual revitalization project that so many Cupertino citizens are hoping will meet with success. Unfortunately, voters are being misled from many different angles.

The San Jose Mercury News in an election item in its Oct. 24 article titled "Foes say measures could jam schools," described the project associated with Measure D by saying that it "would put 137 condos above retail space on what is now a parking lot."


Don't be 'D'ceived, the project is for 137 standalone condominiums. I can make that clearer: All condos. No retail.

The Mercury News and, surprisingly, many others compare this project with an actual mixed-use project known as Santana Row. There is no "outdoor mall shopping" involved with Measure D. In fact, except for a few streetfront strip mall-type retail spaces located among parking structures on Vallco Parkway, Vallco, as a whole, will remain, in a very large part, an indoor mall. Santana Row this is not.

Be very careful about what you read. If you have the time, review the hours of taped city council meetings in which many of your neighbors brought up excellent points and concerns, time and time again. Ask questions of people on all sides of the issue. Measure D won't stop this misguided rezoning forever, but it will allow much needed time to access the undeniable damages of once again caving in to Vallco's haphazard, piecemeal methods and questionable explanations.

Measure D would not have been placed on the ballot without a significant number of petition signatures. Help to show that Cupertino cares. Please don't allow yourself to be 'D'ceived. Vote no on Measure D.

Lisa Warren
Cupertino Courier Letters
Wednesday, November 1, 2006