Measure D & E Will Overwhelm Our Schools

If anyone believes that 437 condominiums will generate 39 students, as developers claim, then I have a bridge to sell them (Editorial, Oct. 23). No one without schoolchildren pays top dollar for Cupertino housing.

Parents have learned that developers, politicians, and school districts routinely fabricate impact numbers. Based on data from existing developments, these condos will generate 400 to 600 new students. Schools will add portables on playing fields and playgrounds, send students to non-neighborhood schools, and redraw school boundaries. It's already happened and will happen again.

We must stop uncontrolled suburban sprawl. The Sierra Club states: ``New development puts more children in suburban schools, but does not pay for the new schools that inevitably must be built.'' Vote no on ballot measures D and E. Save our schools. Stop uncontrolled development.

Steven Scharf, Cupertino
San Jose Mercury News
Thurday, Oct. 26, 2006