Riddles, rezoning and referendums

My kids enjoy making up riddles. I've tried my hand at it, too.

Question: What did one portable classroom say to another portable classroom?

Answer: See you on the playground.

Not so funny, I know. It's even less funny when you consider the 50-plus portables now taking up playground space at schools throughout Cupertino.

One portable was built where a student garden was supposed to be. Another obstructs the view of noon aides, who try to keep an eye on children during recess.

I am writing this letter to encourage you to vote no on Measures D and E, which would further crowd our schools, jam our streets, and cause portables to proliferate. For two consecutive years, the Cupertino Union School District has underestimated the record-breaking numbers of children entering our schools. The hundreds of condos already under construction will bring untold congestion. Rezoning the land behind Vallco Mall (Measure D) and along Stevens Creek Boulevard (Measure E) will compound the problem.

Here's another riddle: Why would anyone think this is a good thing?

Increased tax revenues? They won't alleviate additional strain on the system. Neither will donations from developers. Santana Row here in Cupertino? Our comparative advantage is education. Why would we jeopardize that?

Alas, some riddles lack a logical answer. Please vote no on D and E.

Ruth Littmann-Ashkenazi
Cupertino Courier Letters
Wednesday, October 18, 2006