Toll Brothers flier doesn't tell the complete truth

I recently read the flier sent by Toll Brothers about Measure E. It states that the Measure E will provide a park, senior housing and affordable living for Apple employees, it will not add new students to Monta Vista High, etc. In my opinion, the developer did not tell the whole truth.

A park is required for this location for any development. The proposed park is too small for a soccer field. It has no parking. If the developer cares about Cupertino, should they donate a bigger park?

The 80 units (out of total 380) of senior housing are built on a flood area facing freeway. It is also far away from bus stops. If the developer really cares about senior citizens, should they give a better location?

Apple has voiced concern about converting commercial/ industrial properties to high-density residences. At a city planning meeting, an Apple representative urged the city to preserve industrial land for the future expansion of the company and its suppliers. The current work force is very dynamic. Rarely people will work for a company for their lifetime. There should not be a tie between workplace and residence. And when condos are in the $600,000 range, are they affordable?

Toll Brothers' project may not add new students to Monta Vista High directly. However, when about 1,000 households (including other projects) are added to the Cupertino High area, the district will move ELD and other special-needs programs to the less crowded schools, if not redraw the boundary. This happened to Eaton Elementary, which got the ELD program from overcrowded Collins this year. Is Monta Vista really immune to this development?

If we don't say NO to Measure D and E today, more similar projects will come. Our schools will be more crowded, our city finances will be worse and our property values will be down. Vote no on both measures.

Sean Huang
Cupertino Courier Letters
Wednesday, October 4, 2006