Thank You For CARe-ing


Voters know what they want community to be

Wow! Gee! Contrary to the opinion of Mayor Lowenthal, council members Dolly Sandoval, Orrin Mahoney, The Cupertino Courier and the Troll (I know, I know) Bros., the Cupertino voter does have much higher intelligence as well concern for our schools, transportation, and quality of OUR life than our above noted local leaders and self anointed others gave us credit for.

Voters have spoken, is the city listening?

The policies of the current national administration were rejected in many close votes around the country that shifted control of Congress. The policies of the Cupertino administration were overwhelmingly rejected in the no votes on Measures D and E.

Conciliatory moves have already been made by the national administration along with changes in personnel. The question now before the Cupertino administration is what changes will be forthcoming in view of the votes on Measures D and E?

Will our city officials continue to push the agendas of developers and social engineering groups who do not reside in our city or will they become what they are supposed to be, namely, representatives of the will of our citizens?

Election 2006: Condo measures rejected

Hundreds, if not thousands, of e-mails and old-fashioned ink signatures on paper helped defeat measures D and E in Cupertino, measures that would have allowed the construction of two multiuse developments combining retail and high-density housing such as condominiums.