Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is funding The Measure D Campaign

Measure D is completely funded by Landmark properties. This is the development group that owns Vallco.
They have spent at least $20,000 on a groundless lawsuit against Cupertino residents

Q. Who is funding Measure E Campaign

Measure E is completely funded by Toll Brothers Inc.  They are *THE* major donor and sponser of MEASURE E They have spent at least $100,000 so far on a groundless lawsuit against Cupertino residents by our estimates. They also have reported spending at least $80,000 on spending directly related to this campaign.

Q. Who is paying for your campaign

CARe is completely funded by Cupertino residents such as yourself.

Any contributions are gladly accepted.

Q. How many total condo units are proposed in Cupertino

At least 1558 including Vallco & Toll Brothers with more on the way!

Q. How many condos will be built

137 Condos on the Vallco property and 380 On the HP property
Many more can be built in the future if this is not stopped now

Q. Why Measures D & E

Frustrated Cupertino residents collected over 10,000 signatures in 30 days.
Residents were concerned with the conversion of valuable property from commerical to residential.
Impact of these developments on our school system and quality of life.

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